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A man and woman doing YogaPain is as disruptive to life, work, leisure and more as it is common. At Back Pain & Sciatica Center of Texas, we are committed to providing North Houston and the Lake Conroe area with innovative solutions for lasting relief from pain. And this dedication is evident in what people are saying about our care.

Read the patient testimonials* below and see for yourself.

What people say about chiropractic care, physical medicine and other pain care at Back Pain & Sciatica Center of Texas:

“I have more energy now whenever I race stock cars, go bike riding, boating or fishing. I’m also able to just be comfortable. My pain and numbness have gone away.”

– Bubba

“I noticed within a few short months that I could actually get out of bed without pain. I was able to enjoy my life again instead of having to weigh my every action with the thought of ‘will this cause me more pain?’”

– Shae

“I am happy to report that my neck spasms have been reduced by 80% (they used to be constant), the migraines no longer exist, and I am able to workout on a regular basis with my friends!”

– Danielle

“Today I have energy. I laugh more. I engage my children. I can worship God more. All without pain! I no longer have headaches and—even better—I no longer have to fear the pain of the headaches.”

– Alena

“I am happy to say that I am back to enjoying sports. I am riding motocross and wakeboarding again! Not only do I have a better attitude, but I also have a lot more energy and stamina.”

– Will

“Within the first week of starting treatment, I experienced relief from the pain, and within the second week my limp was gone! I began to restore my sense of self and was excited at how I could now get up and go to work.”

– Kimberly

“After 3 weeks of treatment, I have seen great improvement. My pain is almost non-existent. I am able to go biking, skiing, and most of all I can workout again. I am able to do push-ups without pain!”

– Josh

“After my second adjustment, my upper leg pain was gone! After a couple of weeks, I realized one day that I wasn’t having trouble walking anymore!”

– Gwen

“I was on 30 different medications when I first started care with Dr. Eulitt. Now, after only 1 month of adjustments, I am only taking eight medications!”

– Charla

“We currently enjoy yard work, gardening, woodwork, quilting and our family activities. At ages 84 and 86, we are still enjoying good health. We praise God and our devoted chiropractors!”

– James and Ola

“Within 2 weeks, I stopped taking the ibuprofen. A month later, I was completely off the pain medication. I’m moving with my family again. I’m playing baseball, running my kids to gymnastics class, and I just couldn’t be happier.”

– Terrie

“In less than 2 months I was able to sleep better, have more energy and be physically active again. And I’m off all my medications.”

– Clayton

“I have more energy when I wake up in the morning, and I actually feel like I’m going to make it through the day. I’m eating better and, best of all, I’m not in a state of depression anymore. I feel like I could do anything!”

– Cindy

“I can now rotate my neck to check the blind spots of my car’s mirrors before changing lanes. I can now exercise to my full extent without paying for it later with a sleepless, pain-filled night. But most of all, I can now go outside with my husband on a beautiful day and play a game of catch.”

– Lauren

“I am able to play with my kids, and my attitude on life is great. I love life. Not only did my back pain drastically diminish, but my other little problems are gone, from acid reflux to headaches.”

– William

“I have more energy, and the pain is 90% gone already! I am also happy to say that I no longer take Advil and am much healthier and happier.”

– Krystal

“Being a dancer takes a toll on my body. I used to get tired and had low energy. After only 2 weeks of adjustments, I have more energy and am a much happier person.”

– Ashley

“After my first adjustment, I experienced immediate change. I noticed that my vision was better. It kind of freaked me out, but it was AWESOME!”

– Chuck

“After just over a month of care, I have virtually no headaches. I have more energy. I am able to spend time playing with my daughter. My body as a whole feels much better.”

– Mary Ann

“I am now able to do my job. My kids have a hard time keeping up with me! My acid reflux is also gone, and I can even go a whole week without any pain. It has been a miracle!”

– Holly

“For a long time I wasn’t able to workout or even go for a walk, but after visits with Dr. Eulitt I am back to working out and walking straight! I have a lot more energy to do the things I love.”

– Michelle

“I can now do more with my family. I started working out at the gym again, and I was able to enjoy a family vacation at Disney! I’m also happy to say that I am off all pain meds.”

– Alicia

What people say about our regenerative medicine (stem cell and PRP) therapy:

“I came to the office because I was having extreme pain in both my knees, and I was almost to the point of having to use a wheelchair. I decided to get the stem cell procedure in both knees, and I can now walk pain-free!”

– Heather

“I was recommended to have stem cell therapy to repair the damage in my knee. Since the procedure, my knee doesn’t lock up anymore. It doesn’t catch or get stuck to where I can’t bend it or walk properly. Basic activities are not a problem anymore, and stairs are also much easier.”

– Cynthia

“I first came to the clinic 4 months ago with severe knee pain in both knees. I was contemplating surgery and was searching every avenue to see what my options were. After consulting with the doctors here about stem cell therapy, I decided to give it a try. Now, 3 months later, I have received fantastic results!”

– Larry

“I have suffered with my knees for several years, and on Nov 5th I had stem cells injected, and I have seen tremendous improvements. The staff is always friendly and greets you by your name.”

– Diane

“My knee has never felt better after having PRP injections. After three injections, my knee feels tighter, and I am able to be more active now. It’s a blessing.”

– Lauren

“I received a stem cell injection in my left hip. It has relieved my pain and prevented me from having to go through surgery.”

– Brenda

“Awesome place. So much personal attention and innovative solutions! So happy I found them.”

– Lisa

What neuropathy patients say about Back Pain & Sciatica Center of Texas:

“The pain would radiate into my knees, and by morning it would be hard for me to walk or get moving. I decided to start coming for treatment for my neuropathy, and it has done wonders. This treatment has helped so much. I have greatly improved and feel like this is a great program.”

– Wanda

“I came for neuropathy in my feet, and now my neuropathy is better. I highly recommend this facility for any kind of pain issues in the back, knee, or feet. Everyone is enthusiastic and eager to help.”

– Pam

“I had numbness in both hands and feet. I was not able to climb steps or do any kind of exercise and would end up falling over. The results so far are that I can climb stairs now without any pain! I now have feeling in my feet, which at one point I didn’t have.”

– Gleneen

“Hi. I am Athleen, and I have neuropathy. I have tried everything, and doctors have told me there was nothing they could do for me. This treatment has really helped me. I would have pain and numbness in my feet all the time. I can now feel my toes when I move them. Thank you all!”

– Athleen

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*Testimonials appearing on this site reflect individual, real life experiences of those who have used our services. They are individual results, and results do vary. We do not claim that they are results that patients will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our services and do not suggest or represent a guarantee that patients will achieve the same or similar results.