Degenerative Knee Joint Disease Specialist Questions & Answers

Degenerative Knee Joint Disease Specialist Questions & Answers

The top-rated doctors at Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas can diagnose and treat degenerative knee joint disease. Call us for more information or request an appointment online. We serve patients from Conroe TX, Montgomery TX, Panorama Village TX, Willis TX and Lake Conroe Park TX.

Degenerative Knee Joint Disease Specialist Near Me in Conroe, TX
Degenerative Knee Joint Disease Specialist Near Me in Conroe, TX

Here at Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas, we see many patients who’ve been living with osteoarthritis of the knee and have questions about it, like how to relieve its symptoms. We certainly can help, and one way we can help is by providing a bit of a Q&A about degenerative knee joint disease, so here are some of the common questions were asked about the condition and how we treat it!

What is degenerative knee joint disease?

Degenerative knee joint disease, also known as knee osteoarthritis, is the most common kind of arthritis of the knee. It happens when the protective cartilage that cushions the knee wears down over time. This explains why the condition is commonly called “wear and tear” disease, but it’s important to understand that the entire joint and surrounding areas of the body are affected, and so are a patient’s flexibility and mobility.

Because the condition is chronic, there’s no way to cure it, but this doesn’t mean a patient has to live with significant pain and other major symptoms. Symptoms can be managed and relieved with the assistance of a pain and integrative medicine doctor.

What are the symptoms of degenerative knee joint disease?

If you or someone you love has the condition, you may already be familiar with its symptoms like pain, tenderness, stiffness, a grating sensation in the knee/knees, bone spurs, swelling, and a loss of flexibility in the knee or knees. Such symptoms can affect everyday life and the quality of each day, and the symptoms will worsen unless they’re addressed by a professional. Really, if you have any joint pain or stiffness that doesn’t go away at all, you should see a professional like one of our pain and integrative medicine doctors here at Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas. There’s a great deal we can do for pain and your other symptoms.

How can degenerative knee joint disease be treated?

The condition will worsen gradually and, as a chronic condition, can’t be cured, but with professional treatment, the symptoms can be managed and relieved and the patient can live a more active, healthier life. Pain relief and improved mobility are two major benefits of professional treatment. Some of the treatments we offer at our clinic include:

  • Pain relief medication – Such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and even a prescription antidepressant that is also approved for chronic osteoarthritis pain
  • Physical therapy – To strengthen the muscles around the joints, increase flexibility, increase mobility, and reduce pain
  • Occupational therapy – To help you learn better ways of doing everyday activities like cleaning your home
  • Lubrication injections – These can provide cushioning of a joint and pain relief
  • Cortisone injections – For significant and lasting pain relief
  • Regenerative therapy – Since 2017, Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas has used regenerative medicine for knee pain and degeneration

The treatments we’ve mentioned may help you avoid surgery, like needing a knee osteotomy. In some cases, surgery may be best, but in other cases, the better option is one of the noninvasive or minimally invasive treatments we mentioned. We provide these treatments here at Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas.

How can I contact your clinic about degenerative knee joint disease?

You can call our clinic at (936) 215-6918, and we’d be happy to speak with you over the phone or in a consultation at our clinic. We’re located at 2510 South Loop 336 West, Suite 245 Conroe, TX 77304. Call us today or go ahead and book a consultation with us online if you believe you or someone you love needs our care here at Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas.

We hope you found this Q&A helpful, and we look forward to seeing you soon!