Shoulder Pain Specialist Questions & Answers

Shoulder Pain Specialist Questions and Answers

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, you’ll find relief with us at Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas. Call our clinic to learn about how we treat shoulder pain. We serve patients from Conroe TX, Montgomery TX, Panorama Village TX, Willis TX, The Woodlands TX and Cleveland TX.

Shoulder Pain Specialist Near Me in Conroe, TX
Shoulder Pain Specialist Near Me in Conroe, TX

Shoulder pain often isn’t a big deal, but it can be when it affects your regular activities like the pain from a rotator cuff injury can. We provide relief here at Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas. To help you understand your pain better and to give you an idea of how we can help, we’d like to provide you with a bit of a Q&A on shoulder pain, so here are some of the common questions were asked about shoulder pain!

When should you see a doctor for shoulder pain?

There are instances when it’s necessary to call 911 for shoulder pain, like when it’s accompanied by difficulty breathing or a sense of tightness in the chest, as these may be symptoms of a heart attack.

Sometimes it may be necessary to go to urgent care for shoulder pain, like when it’s due to an injury and is accompanied by intense pain, sudden swelling, a joint that seems deformed, or an inability to use the joint or move the arm away from the body.

In other instances, you might just need to see a pain doctor like one of ours here at Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas. Pain accompanied by swelling, redness, tenderness, and/or warmth around the joint can be addressed here, and so can chronic pain that’s lasted many months or even years.

If you suspect a rotator cuff injury, you should come see us right away. Common symptoms of this kind of injury include immediate weakness in an arm after an injury, and a dull ache in the shoulder that worsens with movement. It’s important to get professional care soon to prevent frozen shoulder, permanent loss of motion or weakness, and even the progressive degeneration of the shoulder joint.

What types of shoulder pain are there?

There are lots of different causes and types of shoulder pain. Some of the common ones we see here at our clinic include:

  • An imbalance in the muscles (rotator cuff)
  • A joint-related injury or other issue, like a misalignment, a dislocation, or arthritis
  • Shoulder strains
  • Labrum tears
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Nerve problems like a pinched nerve
  • Muscle damage

All these are issues we treat here at Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas. Read on to learn about treatment.

Can shoulder pain be treated without surgery?

Sometimes the only treatment a patient needs for their shoulder pain is rest, icing, and physical therapy, while other times surgery may be the best option (like a shoulder replacement). However, in other times still, more conservative treatment will work well. Some of the conservative treatments we provide at our clinic are:

  • Physical therapy to help restore strength and flexibility
  • Occupational therapy to help you accomplish your everyday activities more easily
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) or corticosteroids for inflammation/pain relief

We want to help you avoid surgery, so we provide the noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures we’ve mentioned above. To learn more, connect with us today.

How can I contact your clinic about my shoulder pain?

You can call Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas at (936) 215-6918 and we’ll happily help you over the phone or get you in for a consultation at our clinic. You’ll find the clinic over at 2510 South Loop 336 West, Suite 245 Conroe, TX 77304. Contact us today or go ahead and book a consultation with us online if you need pain relief from us here at Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas. We can almost certainly help.

We hope you found our Q&A helpful, and we hope to hear from you soon!