Shoulder Pain? Seven Reasons You Should Try Regenerative Medicine for Shoulder, Knee or Elbow Pain.

August 27, 2020
By Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas

Regenerative medicine is a medical field that is used to treat a range of diseases and conditions, including chronic pain. When you get injured, your body has the unique ability to heal itself. Regenerative medicine helps expedite the natural healing process by restoring the structure and function of damaged tissues and organs.

What kind of regenerative medicine is used to treat pain?

Two types of regenerative medicine used to treat chronic pain include platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and regenerative cell therapy. While traditional medicine (e.g., over-the-counter and prescription pain medications) focuses on managing chronic pain, regenerative medicine focuses on repairing tissues and strengthening tendons in the joints to minimize and, in some cases, cure pain.

  • PRP
    Platelet-rich plasma therapy uses injections of a concentration of a person’s own platelets to accelerate healing in the tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. A medical professional will take a blood draw and separate the red blood cells from the platelets using a centrifuge.
  • Regenerative cell therapy
    Regenerative cell therapy is the use of stem cells (unspecialized cells that can develop into many different types of cells in the body) to treat or prevent a disease or condition. This therapy can be performed using a person’s own stem cells or donated stem cells.

What are the benefits of regenerative medicine?

Here are seven reasons you should try regenerative medicine for shoulder pain, joint pain or elbow pain:

  • Enhanced healing and reduced pain (even in chronic conditions)
  • Increased functionality, range of motion and sleep quality
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • Reduced risk of future injuries and pain
  • Decreased nerve damage
  • Regenerated blood vessel tissue
  • Increased collagen (the basic building block of body tissue)

If you’d like to learn how regenerative medicine can help eliminate your shoulder pain, joint pain, knee pain or elbow pain, call us Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas.