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At Back Pain & Joint Center of Texas, we accept most major PPO insurance plans for services that are insurance-covered. These include plans for BlueCross/BlueShield, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Humana and more.

However, in our mission to provide the most innovative pain solutions and most effective pain relief in Conroe TX with a holistic integrative approach, we were challenged to find the right balance between insurance, price and the efficacy of treatment.

Ultimately, our decision regarding this balance became one of focus, commitment and purpose. For our multidisciplinary team of medical, chiropractic and other providers, our commitment is to the quality of our treatment outcomes. This focus has enabled us to achieve high rates of excellent outcomes by using innovative solutions that, unfortunately, some insurance providers have elected not to cover through their various healthcare plans.

Conroe TX Pain Relief With Faster Care Can Save You Money

While some of our more advanced services are not insurance-covered, the methods and modalities we use help reduce your overall healthcare costs by getting you the relief you need as fast as possible. Getting you quick relief reduces the total amount of care you have to pay for to get back to a normal, rewarding, pain-free life.

Given that pain is the most common health complaint, and many people spend years and a great deal of money seeking relief but not finding it, we believe the most efficient approach is to continue to use the non-insurance-covered methods that work in combination with services that are covered by insurance.

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