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Don’t Let Shoulder Pain Hold You Back | Back Pain Center Of Texas: Combined medical, nutritional, physical, and chiropractic care proven to provide lasting relief

In addition to pain, shoulder injuries also cause stiffness, restricted movements, difficulty in performing routine activities, and a popping sensation. You may have pain when lifting the arm above your head or moving it forward or behind your back. These should be the best years of your life, and you deserve to live a life free from chronic pain holding you back.

What types of shoulder pain are there?

There are lots of different causes and types of shoulder pain. Some of the common ones we see here at our clinic include:

  • Rotator cuff tears 
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Arthritis or Degeneration 
  • Muscle / tendon injuries 
  • Ligament injuries 
  • Nerve problems like a pinched nerve

When should I see a doctor?

  • If mobility limitations prevent you from performing ordinary tasks
  • When you can no longer participate in activities you really enjoy
  • When shoulder pain disrupts sleep
  • When at-home treatments haven’t worked, such as rest, icing your shoulder, or taking over-the-counter pain medication

Find Relief From Your Shoulder Pain

Don’t stay stuck in your pain, if you are experiencing shoulder pain or any other pain that is keeping you from doing the things you love, check out our services.

Our medical team and chiropractors are experienced in treating shoulder pain and can help patients make a full recovery. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan tailored specifically for your needs and pain levels. We care about helping you find relief, for more information contact us today for a free phone consultation. We can help you find the lasting relief you deserve.